A satisfying drink is crucial to a colorful life.  

I launched this blog for people who are no stranger to the joys of drinking.  If you love playful cocktail recipes, Texas spirits, and advice from some of the best local somms around, then I’ve saved a spot at the bar for you.

My name is J.R.  In 2009 I innocently left an honest but hushed life in the Florida panhandle to sling tequila in Austin, Texas.  Later, I pivoted from long nights of endless limes and salted rims to work in wine.  It was here that an incurable curiosity was born.  I dragged myself through the trenches of several certifications, drank my teeth purple, learned to spit, and came out the other side a victim of my own continuous thirst.  I’ve worked as a wine buyer, harvest hand, educator, and am currently a bartender and certified sommelier.  This is what I’ve learned from the spirit of Austin. 

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