5 Fast Tips to Make the Most of the Twin Liquors 3 Day Dollar Sale

Twice a year, Twin Liquors throws a 3 day liquor sale that can only be described as a public kindness.

During this Austin sale, most spirits and wine bottles are marked down to their whole-sale prices plus a dollar. But as a consumer, this is not a time to be concerned with wholesale costs. Its a time to accept a sincere gesture from Twins, and stock your home bar. Here’s some guidance:

1. The Early Bird Gets the Worm-Free Mezcal

Go on Thursday! Arrive early, expect competition, and be cordial. The best way to get what you want is to buy on day one, and thrive in the lines: If you’re on the way in, remember, you’re surrounded by people who love booze as much as you do. If you’re on the way out, it’s time to ask your neighbor why they bought what they did.

2. Make a List, Check the Aisles Twice

Make a list. This is the Black Friday of booze– save yourself from agonizing moments of what you should and shouldn’t buy by coming prepared. It doubly helps if you’re shopping at a Twins location that you’re familiar with and know how to navigate.

3. Make Twins Friends!

A lot of people who work at Twins are a combination of passionate and ex- Service Industry. Spend some time getting to know them throughout the year, and they’ll remember what you like! Find the employees who are excited by your purchases and they’ll be your ally for life. I’ve had many experiences during the dollar sale when a friendly face has pointed out an absolute steal, or redirected my cart to something stellar and less visible.

4. Stock Up on Basics

Go with your favorites! As tempting as experimentation is, it never hurts to stock up on essentials. Not only does that mean buying basics (you know you’re going to need a shot of whiskey some time in the next 6 months), it also means planning ahead for holidays. For wine: I load up on New World Pinot Noir and Cru Beaujolais for Thanksgiving dinner, and sit on a bottle of Champagne for New Years. For spirits, cover your bases. If you bartend, now is the time to enjoy something wild, eccentric, and overlooked. Or that bottle of Green Chartreuse that you can’t find in Austin for under $60.

5. Save the Nerdy Bottles for Bigger Stores

Smaller stores have a small inventory. Bigger stores have a wider selection! I start shopping with a larger store and then explore my neighborhood Twins to scan for bottles I’ve forgotten or missed. If you’re looking for something rare, make it a big-store priority and don’t be shocked when tinier ones skimp on the esoteric.

August 2019

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